5mm Round LED transparent

Colour: RGB,

4 pin, 

Forward voltage drop (typical):   R:1.8-2.2V / G:3.0-3.4V / B:3.0-3.4V,  

Common Anode, 

Operation Temperature Range = -25C ~ +80C, 

Soldering Temperature: 260C (5sec)

Supplied with 1 of each Resistor for 12v operation:

  • Red:       560 Ohm (5V) 
  • Green:   470 Ohm (5V)
  • Blue:      470 Ohm (5V)

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5mm RGB LED - Common Anode, 4 pin WITH Resistors for 12V operation

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Tags: 5mm, Common Anode, LED, RGB, RGB LED, 5.0mm, 12V